Simple, safe and organic: our enteron® in different sizes.

enteron® is the fully biological mini-wastewater treatment plant for sailing and motor yachts, houseboats, large mobile homes and expedition vehicles.

Our founder, Thomas Logisch, had the initial idea for enteron®, which he worked out himself until the final solution was ready for the market and serial production.

Together with students of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin, the first prototype was designed, constructed and tested. Today, our company can proudly present a new, fully biological technology that completely purifies wastewater on board a boat and returns it to stagnant and flowing waters.

enteron® was completely privately financed and developed by Thomas Logisch. It is the smallest certified wastewater-treatment plant for houseboats, sailing and motor yachts and is also suitable for large caravans or expedition vehicles. enteron® treats wastewater directly on board.

The technology ensures that only clear, clean water is responsibly discharged into the environment. enteron® is in compliance with the waste-water limits certified by IMO/MARPOL and MEPC.

  • No more unpleasant pumping out or illegal disposal in the port or at sea
  • No more chemicals in use
  • High contribution to the conservation of natural resources and our environment

Made in Germany

It’s nice not to have to think about toilet waste on board a ship, and instead just use the toilet as you would in your house or flat.

The operation of our enteron® mini-sewage treatment plant on board yachts and houseboats ensures complete independence from land-based waste-disposal systems. This means there are no lengthy explanations for guests on board on the one hand and no worries about when to empty the waste-holding tank again on the other.

Purifies wastewater completely – for the sake of the environment and the yacht owner.

enteron® is a living system.

The functional principle – the unique enteron® treatment process:

Toilet waste is flushed into the first tank of the enteron® system, where solid particles settle and floating substances accumulate on the surface. The solid particles in the water are first treated with a chopper pump. The remaining particles are gently pumped through the unique enteron hose system. This is where special bacteria cultures get to work and shred the waste: all that remains is clear liquid.

This liquid penetrates through appropriate perforations from the hose into the tank container and from there into the third-enteron collection container. The tiny particles that have passed through the perforations form a sludge that is automatically pumped out and passed back through the pre-treatment process. The resulting now-clear residual water is pumped through a filter into the water body or sea.

  • Emptying the collection tank can be controlled fully automatically via a level sensor or manually – only clear liquid is released into the environment.
  • The maintenance effort is very low – and this only in case of overload or underload operation.
  • The electronic controls must be activated by the user in case of overload (if there are more people on board or in case of underload during holiday operation or temporary closure).

In addition, some good housekeeping rules must be observed:

  • enteron® is a living system: cleaners, detergents and odour enhancers can pose a threat to the bacterial cultures in the bioreactor.
  • Therefore, when cleaning the toilet, please do not direct the water flow to the enteron®.
  • Flush the system with fresh water before returning the water flow to the enteron® system. This will protect its unique bacteria culture.
  • Do not use multi-layer toilet paper or wet wipes. These will quickly clog the system because they are not easily biodegradable.

If unpleasant odours occur, in most cases this means the bacteria in the reactor have died, for example after a shutdown due to lack of use. The bacteria have simply starved to death. A simple re-dosing with the bacteria culture in its dissolvable bag, which is then flushed down the toilet, gets things going again.

The enteron® energy consumption level is so low that it can easily be generated by a solar panel or wind turbine.

Our unique enteron® in different sizes:

  • Turns wastewater into clear water that can be discharged
  • No resulting sludge
  • No chemicals
  • Below all required limit values
  • IMO/MARPOL and MED certificate
  • Different sizes: enteron® 50 (2-4 ppl.) or enteron® 80 (4-6 ppl.)
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Soon: Remote access via app
  • Assembly and installation by tom logisch
  • 12V or 24V input voltage
  • The daily consumption of a standard system designed for two persons is about 17Ah (12V)
  • Ventilation pump: 600 mA, depending on time 50%, 12 hx 0.6 A = 7.2 Ah
  • Pumps: 24x daily 1 min A 10 A = 8 Ah
  • Pumps: 6x daily 2 min A 10 A = 2 Ah
  • Total: 17Ah – This can easily be generated by a solar panel or wind turbine directly in the ship’s battery bank.
  • enteron® 50 is also available as split unit 12V or 24V input voltage
enteron® – Purifies your wastewater completely.

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